Dragon Tiger game.

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How to play dragon tiger or the dragon tiger game is similar to playing baccarat games. But the Dragon Tiger card game is easy to play. Fast and easy to lose than Baccarat games. Because of the Dragon Tiger  will be dealt a card for each side. The way to play is for the player to choose the side to place bets between tiger and dragon. Which side will have higher points or may choose to play as well. In order to make a profit of up to 8 times. UFABET  

Once you have chosen a side then put the chip on the side of your choice in the game table. Once the bet has been placed, the dealer will begin dealing the cards at the specified time. Players must complete their bets. But if not in time for that game It is considered that you waived the right to bet. Dragon Tiger is playing a single card game and it’s over. no more draws. This is a game suitable for impatient people. don’t like waiting.

How to play Dragon Tiger?

  1. In placing bets on the dragon tiger game or the dragon tiger card You can choose to place bets in 3 forms: (1.) Tiger (2.) Dragon (3.) Always
  2. When starting the betting game, there will be about 10 – 15 seconds. And start dealing cards for both sides, which will start dealing cards on the dragon side first.
  3. Each card will have a point according to the number on the face of the card except K = 13, Q = 12, J = 11 and A = 1.
  4. The result of the card counting of each side will be used to determine the betting result.
  5. If you bet on tiger (tiger) or dargon (dragon), if the result is a draw, you will receive half of the stake. For example, bet 100 baht, get 50 baht back, etc.