Eberl gulped after criticizing the Red Bull model.

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Max Eberl swallowed his own saliva after criticizing the Red Bull model while working on Monchengladbach. Before rocking to RB Leipzig, but following that football model himself

RB Leipzig sporting director Max Eberl has defended the earlier transfer from Salzburg after resisting the idea. When he was still working with Leipzig Monchengladbach. As revealed to DAZN on Saturday, 

When asked about his strategy of strengthening RB Leipzig. Eberl replied: ‘I try to bring the best players to Leipzig if the best players play to replace Konrad Leime in Salzburg. I will continue to look there.’ UFABET

Eberl was critical of the Red Bull model while working for Monchengladbach in 2016. saying: ‘What bothers me about RB is transferring players from Salzburg to Leipzig and from Leipzig to Salzburg. This thing has some aftertaste in my throat. Because basically they have two teams.’

But Eberl will retract his words before RB Leipzig play Gladbach, saying: ‘I said something about that as a contracting party. We are seven years ahead. The world continues to turn. After all, Salzburg is like any other club. is the club we look up to So we don’t have any advantages. But he is the best player who will suit Leipzig very well for the new season.’

RB Leipzig announced the signing of Salzburg’s Nicholas Sewald last week as a replacement for Leimer, who is heading to Bayern. n munich free This will be the 20th transfer between the two clubs.