Graham Potter believes Chelsea can build on his winnings.

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Chelsea boss Graham Potter is optimistic that a 1-0 win over Leeds United will allow his side to build on something.

“It’s very important, congratulations for the players and the fans. We have suffered for a long time. It was a challenging time. I think we played well in the first half. And the offensive game is good too. We are a team with nothing to lose. So it’s the great character of the players, they care and show the unity in the team. It gives us something we can build on.” Graham Potter UFABET

“People care. Players want to win. And the supporters want us to do well. Score 1-0 in the Premier League anything can happen. When you consider our performance as it is. It’s no wonder there’s shyness. Players fight for victory. and keeps us going.”

“Wesley Fofana is our big loss. He is one of those players who has been missing for a while. He’s physically strong, brave on the ball and does what he does well in the box. Which is approaching the ball. It made us win.

“Ben Chilwell worked very hard and contributed in a good way to attack in the first half.

“We just have to focus on the game. You can’t control the noise from outside. It’s our big game. [On Tuesday] and it’s a big opportunity for us to fight for it.

“Every game is important. It’s a confidence boost. and morale We have a big game on Tuesday night. (Dortmund)”