Gun overtake Bournemouth satisfied 3-2.

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Arsenal the zodiac champion catches more and more every now and then. When turning the situation from 2 goals down Bournemouth came back to win 3-2. With the winning goal coming in the 7th minute of injury time. keeping the gap between them and Manchester City still at 5 points.

Only played for the first 20 seconds. Becoming Bournemouth, shocking the home team, taking the lead 1-0 from the moment Dongo Watara opened the ball into the penalty area. Before reaching Philip Billing inserted from the back to charge, empty, nothing left. 

Then Arsenal faced a full evil net after Leandro Trossar had an injury. And could not continue playing and Emil Smith Rowe was sent on as a substitute in the 22nd minute UFABET

The rest of the time, both teams can’t do anything more. At the end of the first half, Bournemouth leads Arsenal 1-0. 

In the second half.

Arsenal accelerated and almost equalized in the 54th minute from a fast-paced rhythm. Gabriel Martinelli dragged the ball to the starboard side and hit it in the penalty area. But the ball still flew over the crossbar. 

However, in the 57th minute, it became Bournemouth who led 2-0 away from the corner kick on the left side, and then Marcos Senesi hit the ball alone, focusing on sending the ball into the net. 

But in the 63rd minute, Arsenal followed the beaten egg to 1-2. Emil Smith Rowe scooped the ball for Thomas Partey to shoot from point-blank range into the goal.

That’s not enough, in the 70th minute, Arsenal drew a 2-2 draw. Passing the ball over the line into the goal despite being knocked off by Neto. 

The game is already showing a draw. But in the 90 + 7 minute stoppage time, Arsenal came to get the winning goal from the corner kick and the ball came into Reiss Nelson’s way.

The game ended with a 3-2 win over Bournemouth.