Pep praises Newcastle in a few more years chance to win the league.

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Pep Guardiola hailed Manchester City’s 2-0 win over Newcastle as a threat to their title football challenge in the coming years.

“Bernardo (Silva) helped us stay on the ball longer. He has the ability to keep the ball. and pass the extra ball”

“It’s better for Newcastle, we don’t want the game to go from defensive to offensive. That’s why Bernardo was the idea, it worked and we won, so it was perfect UFABET

“The game begins And they can do better. We try to make a game We made some changes in the first half. And after Phil’s (Foden) great action, the game is in our hands. We weren’t struggling with anything.”

“The first minute of the second half was good. But then we lost the game and Bernardo helped us come back. Their dangerous creation is no surprise. That’s why they were in the Carabao Cup final and there were moments where they looked better than United.

“This team and this club will be a threat to the title challenge in the next few years.”

Asked about his title challenge, Pep said: “Before the game it was ‘Bye’, now it’s ‘Hello!’ A lot of things are going to happen. It’s an important game. Then tomorrow I’ll be sitting in front of the TV watching what’s going on at Anfield.